Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Tyce is here!

Born March 3rd at 11:18 am. 7bs even. Sean got to deliver again :)

leaving Rio and on to Ribeirao Preto and Sao Paolo

Here we are! Officially leaving Rio and moving inland!

Liz and I at the airport...

Made it! This is me on the map

After our driver dropped us off at our hotel, we walked around the streets. It was very different than Rio. Much cleaner, less crowded, and people were more clothed. Quieter, and more like a hometwon. Here we are in front of a fountain in the square

The next day, our driver drove us from there to Sao Paolo. Here we are at our NICE hotel in downtown.

We decided to go out to eat that night and as you can see, the streets here look like a typical American street. We even ran into a few, not many, but a few people that spoke English. This would NOT have happened in Rio!

At a LARGE city park in Sao Paolo. It was much like a Forest Park or Central Park to us.

That is a black swan below them on the bridge in this park

In the park...

On our last day there, we went downtown and discovered an amazing cathedral, walked the street vendors, and made it to the top of the country's highest building.

Here is a local who found me on the street and gave me some handmade baby boy booties! They were such a nice people down there! Very courteous, pleasant, not quick to anger, and people were very willing to start conversation with you. I was shocked that she just handed me this hand-made present and she didn't know anything about me!

Atop the building overlooking Sao Paolo

Corcovado and Urca

So, the next day we decided to actually head UP to Corcovado for an upclose look at this statue. It wasn't anything like the helicopter flight, but still an amazing thing to do while we were in Rio. This is Liz and I before heading on the tram the mountain. It as a solid few hours to wait in line, get the tickets, and hten wait for your boarding time. SO, we walked the streets a bit and grabbed some lunch before boarding our tram.

Steph and I after getting off the tram at the top

Corcovado from the base. It looks a little different from here than in the helicopter

After a full day of Corcovado, we decided to head back to the condo and relax by the pool. The next day we went back to Urca. This time, we took the tram ALL the way up. No hiking, and no half way points :)
The girls streetside along our way to Urca:

Just before heading up the mountain on the tram. Urca/Sugar Loaf Mountain behind us...

Sean and I overlooking Rio at the halfway point and a view of Corcovado as well

At the top: Just screwing around taking some pictures :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010


So, after walking the deserted streets (see the post before this one), we finally made it to the museum! It was so nice to sit, grab some water, and lounge in a few air-conditioned rooms.

This is the girls along our walk toward the museum. We're almost there girls!!!

Having a LITTLE fun at the museum :)

After some museum fun, we decided that we would be better off using cabs to get back to our condo vs walking all that way again. SO...that is exactly what we did and we made it back to our place to rest our feet for another fun day tomorrow!